WebSDR Roadmap for 2013/2014/2015/2016

Well it is time to start looking at the request for improvement.


I have added the eshail-2 QO-100 webSDR but still need to make the LNB more stable. I am looking for a cheep LNB with more stable LO.
I will be using my 1.2M dish for TX
 My first DBV-2 Rx test

I am working on a DBV-S2 decoder and will allow local hams to TX via my Eshail-2 QO 100 transmuting station.

My Hackrf TX system.


I have added the KiwiSDR on  1 July 2016 (This new SDR covers the whole 0-30Mhz band.
here is the link http://zr6aic.giga.co.za:8073  or here fo all web SDR'S  http://sdr.hu/

Here is a list of all the WEB SDR's http://sdr.hu

Here is the list of things I still want to do in 2016.

1) convert all SDRS to the OpenWebRX framework.
2) 30m PSKMAIL system 
3) 30m APRS gateway
4) My backup batteries also need replacement.
6) Preamp for 2m Satellite DMR
7) Reinstating the 136Mhz Weather satellite SDR after I have build a proper Low pass filter for 136Mhz as I have lost of local strong signal just above 136Mhz.

Well it seems I have not made al lot of changes lately Jan 2016

I thought I will put some pictures of some of the equipment here.

Here is the 30m SDR PCB

30m SDR connected to Delta 44 Sound card Antenna 30m Dipole

Satellite antennas 2m / 70cm Egg beater and 1.2Gh vertical.

I have added the 10m RTL dongle on March 2015 running from my trap dipole.
I have also added 6m dongle and 160m dongle with Ham it up up-convert 2015

Well its almost the end of 2014 and I have not done much on the HF and Satellite webSDR. (4 Dec 2014)
I have added 23cm and 2m on Web Satellite webSDR and added 30m, 40m WSPR decoders this year.
1) I will now try and Add additional 70cm 435 Mhz satellite band before the end of the year.
2) and also planning to add a HF 6m and 10m Band to the HF webSDR this will cost me about (R6000.00) (HF and VHF/UHF preamp, Antenna splitter for vhf/uhf/hf and 70cm,6m,10m SDR units)
3) The 160m sdr was damaged in a lightening storm and I will try and fix this before the end of the year. (2014)

Donations R0.0 Dec 2014
Donations at the moment R0.0  18 January 2014.
Donations at the moment R0.0  7 March 2013.
Donations at the moment R0.0  20 September 2013.  
Please Donate as from the start of this webSDR I have had no Donations and this makes it almost impossible to extend any of the services.

Here is the latest wish list from users  planed for 2014.

1) 160m webSDR. This is what I will need (Softrock Ensemble RX II (HF/LF) receiver , connector assembly, a USB sound card and a loop antenna) +_ R1600.00
2) 2m extension into lower 144Mhz. (Additional RTL usb dongle ,connector assembly and 2M antenna preamp and feed line splitter ) +_ R1400.00
3) Still need to get Lightning restorers to protect the SDR's from all the local storms we have at the moment. (As the antennas are always connected even if I am not at home.) Please donate. R1200.00.
4) Preamp for 2m Satellite webSDR +- R700.00.
5) 20m WSPR Require additional 20m Softrock SDR 
6) PSKmail transceiver system (30m transceiver) and additional antenna.

Please send me feed back or suggestions 

WebSDR Road map for 2013

Donations at the moment R0.0  10 December 2013
I have the following planed for the WebSDR system.

  • Added 2m Satellite reception webSDR still need to build LNA for this webSDR http://zr6aic.giga.co.za:8902 (Complete 25 November 2013) (Please donate R350.00)
  • Added gavanic isolation for 80m, 40m, 30m, and 20m  SDR between receiver and sound card. (complete 5 August 2013)(Please donate R900.00)
  • Added 70cm Satellite reception webSDR with low noise amp http://zr6aic.giga.co.za:8902 (Complete 03 August 2013)
  • Planning WSPR for 20m (Need to move the frequency down with 20Khz on webSDR to include the WSPR frequency in the SDR band of 19200Hz sample frequency)
  • Installed 2 new support poles for trap dipole and lifted dipole to about 8m high from ground  (1.5m higher than before) this has improved the 20m band reception a lot. but 40 reception is a bit down, complete 28 April 2013)
  • Installed pre amp for 80m, 40m, and 20m Band  with Antenna Splitter as I am running out of antenna space for all the SDR's. (80m ,40m and 20m active antenna splitter).Please donate as I am now running out of money to build the antenna splitter with preamp.
    Shipping cost to South Africa is becoming very expensive and the Rand has devalued lately. 
    complete 21 April 2013)
  • Upgraded the 1mb ADSL line to 2mb (complete 29 March 2013)
  • Adding WSPR operation.
    WSPR is a piece of software that enables you to participate in a world-wide network of low power propagation beacons. It enables your radio transceiver to transmit beacon signals, and to receive beacon signals from similarly-equipped stations in the same amateur band. 
    complete 4 April 2013)
  • Added 2m RTL dongel to websdr to enable 2M SDR (complete on 20 March 2013)
  • 20M WebSDR ( I am busy building 20m SDR and this one will already have variable oscillator so I could adjust the freq of SDR and is not bound to available Crystal freq.)(Complete on 3 Jan 2013)
  • Will be changing the frequency to 14.100 to 14.290 Mhz when I upgrade to the new A/D ASUS Xonar D1 Sound card to give me about 190 Khz bandwidth. (Complete on 19 January 2013)
  •  Lightning arrestors to protect the SDR's from all the local storms we have at the moment. (As the antennas are always connected even if I am not at home.) Please donate. R1200.00
  •  Build Two new active antennas for 20M and 80M bands.(Complete on 4 of Jan 2013)
    I have switched back to wire as I got bettor results from dipole and long wire.
  • Replacing 40m SDR crystal with variable oscillator to accommodate your request for SDR above 7.120 Mhz (I mite even have two websSDR one for the bottom and one for the top end of the band) ( I am Looking for a 28.6Mhz crystal) R??
  • Additional 80m SDR for the top end of the 80m band. (Struggling to get the correct Crystal frequency).I will need to get a crystal frequency of about 14.992MHZ to cover 3.700 - 3.796 (center freq 14.992 /4 = 3.748Mhz)Please donate.
  •  Changing 40m Analog sound card to the new A/D ASUS Xonar D1 Sound card to give me about 190 Khz bandwidth for 40m band (7 Mhz to 7.150Mhz) (Complete on 11 Jan 2013) R750 X 2 done.
  •  Had to upgrade the server to 4 core I7 CPU 3.4Ghz as The CPU was running at 100% on the Old AMD 2.2G single core.(Complete on 19 January 2013) OOPS I installed the 32 bit Ubuntu and not the 64bit and websdr is only using 1 of the 8 cores. (CPU1 0.7|CPU2 0.0|CPU3 0.0| CPU4 0.7|CPU5 85.6|CPU6 0.0|CPU7 1.3|CPU8 0.0%) I will change to 64Bit Ubuntu on Saterday 26 JAN 2013) (Complete on 26 Jan 2013) R6500.00 Done. (Resolved the CPU problem) It was caused by ALSA driver remapping snoop function. (Done 18 March 2013)
  • Changed the 20m A/D from M-audio Deta 44 to Asus Xonar D1 allowing me to get 192Kz bandwidth on 20m (Complete on 19 January 2013)


Sorry for the delay as I have limited Budget and I am still working full time and only have spare time on weekends and evenings..... 

Please send me feed back or suggestions 

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