Sunday, May 17, 2015

Setting up the Kydera DM-880 Portable DMR (mototurbo)

Setting up the Kydera DM-880 Portable DMR (mototurbo)

Here is the instructions to setup the Kydera DM-880 to connect to the Amateur radio repeater network in South Africa.
What do you get with the Kydera DM-880 (Programming cable is optional)

How to Program the DM-880
You can download the Programming software here.
Here is the video how to install the Programming software.

Unzip the downloaded file and run the 
Here is a video on how to program the Kydera DM-880

You will have to change the Serial port number to below 10 for the software to able to access you radio.Change the serial port number by going to the computer settings devices. Then select the Kydera serial universal serial bus controllers  Right click and select properties and then select the port tab and change the port number below 10. Then un plug the serial cable from radio and replug it in computer. The new port should now be active and you can select it in the programming application.

Here is the Configuration file with the South Africa DMR Repeaters and Analog repeaters pre-configured mentioned in the video above.
Programming software here