Friday, September 26, 2014

log PSAT cubesat 25 September 18:20GMT (APRS)

ParkinsonSAT (Psat) cubesat 25 September 18:20GMT

CW message from PSAT Cubesat.  "PSAT EVPT32DC 7.23V" , "PSAT EXPT32DC 7.24V 0DBM" , "PSAT EXPT32DC 7.25V 0DBM"

Psat is the next APRS satellite design from students at the US Naval Academy. Although we have built 5 previous APRS satellites, only the original PCSAT-1 is still in orbit because all the others were deployed from the Shuttle and at the low altitude, have re-entered. PCSAT-1 (W3ADO-1) is partially operational when ever sun angles are optimum a few times a day; and you can see its live downlink on

APRS herd by PCSAT
more info available at

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Log of POPSAT-HIP1 Cubsat CW beacon on webSDR

Log of POPSAT-HIP1 Cubsat CW beacon on webSDR CW Message  POPSAT EXPT25DC 7.74V ?0C

Here is the recording of the POPSAT-HIP1 Cubesat on 24 September 2014 at 9:26 GMT.

This recording was done on frequency 437,395Mhz Modulation set to FM CW

To access the webSDR click here