Friday, June 29, 2012

My beta Android Ham App for South African ham's.

My beta Android Ham App for South African hams.

1) Live SARL news
2) Band Plan.
3) Repeater frequency details.

You can download the South African Ham App HERE (for Android 2.2 +)

Lots to come...

Gpredict on Ubuntu (Linux)


Very Nice program to do Satellite tracking on LINUX (UBUNTU)


If you want to get the Satellite Live OSCAR Satellite Status Page

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Android Application for Radio Amateurs

Here is some details of the Android Applications I use on my Galaxy S2

1) Echolink for Android)
2) HF Beacon. (HF beacon monitoring your android clock must be accurate)
Adroid Main Menu
Android Galaxy S2
3) Call Log. (Logbook)
4) HamGPS.
5) DroidRTTY.
6) AndPSKmail.
7) APRS View.
8) APRSdroid.
9) DroidPSK.
10) QRZDroid.
11) NCDXF Beacon.
12) NKCCluster.
13) DroidProp (very nice propagation program)
14) ElectroDroid.
15) HamSA.
16) Morse Code Trainer.
17) RF Calculator.
18) AHPSDR (Android SDR client for SDRServers)
19) AMSAT DROID (Satellite tracking)

1) Echolink for Android)
Very nice program works very well 3G or Wifi
Link where you can install the app
Echolink Station List

HF Beacon.

Very nice program to monitor 20M Beacons make shore your time is correct.
HF Beacon

Call Log.

Very handy if you are a way from your computer or logbook (Field station)
Call Log.




You can connect your radio via Mic / Speaker


You can connect your radio via Mic / Speaker







APRS View. 

APRS View is just a simple APRS view




This the better APRS Viewer that aloes you to send Message as well as publishing you position.(U have the option to use GPRS / HSDPA data not your radio or you can connect to radio with speaker / Mic or blue-tooth)
(Very handy)
Read my details how to connect android to radio.








This program is fantastic has all resistor xl, xc, f, resonant , and lots more
ic pin outs, regulator, cable details... ,555, tuned  ...78xx regulators.


South African Radio armature information application.

Morse Code Trainer

 RF Calculator

AHPSDR (Android SDR client for SDRServers)

Raspberry Pin connections

RPiREF is an easy and quick way of checking the Pin-out and GPIO references of the Raspberry Pi P1 and P5 Headers.
This information is already available in a number of forms but having it available on your Android smartphone or tablet is useful when you are experimenting.
This app covers :
- Pin numbering of the P1 GPIO Header
- Pin numbering of the P5 Header on Rev 2 boards
- Proper GPIO references for each pin
- 3.3V, 5V and ground pins

SDR Touch

This it the best App ever.
Turns your mobile phone or tablet into a cheap and portable software defined radio scanner.
Using the RTL2832U driver you could use one of the following compatible USB DVB-T tuners.
You could also connect to rtl_tcp server (read my write up here)


This App predicts future passes for amateur radio satellites for a specified location.
link where you can install it.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wifi Mesh network South of Johannesburg

Wifi  Mesh Nodes in South of Johannesburg. (Self learning nodes and auto rout)(You are the network)
I will be setting up my Mikrotik router for Mesh network and if anyone is interested in connecting in Bassonia Glenvista aria let me know. (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz).
I change my mind and is using Ubuntu mobile mesh as a network node.

More details at
here is a link to install mobile mash
1) Getting your Ubuntu to use mobile mesh
1.1) Install mobilemash (wget
2.1)  install deb (sudo dpkg -i mobilemesh_1.0+dfsg0-0.1_i386.deb)

3.1) config your wifi (make shore you have wifi)
3.2) sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc
3.3) cd /var/run/mobilemesh/
3.4) sudo ifconfig wlan0 up
3.5) sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid mobilemesh
3.6) sudo iwconfig wlan0 key 12345678910
3.7) sudo ifconfig wlan0
3.8) sudo vi /etc/mobilemesh/mmrp.conf

3.9) Changee the config file interface wlan0 # <- Change/add interface here
3.10) sudo mmdiscover -i wlan0
3.11)  sudo mmrp
3.12)  ip route
3.13)  sudo mmdiscover  -i wlan0
4.1) look in the log file /var/log/syslog
5.1) find the udp port that mmrp is listing on (sudo lsof | grep mmrp)
5.2) you should see somting in the listing like this ( UDP *:20471)
6.1) sudo mmtodot -p 20471
6.2) if all the codependency lib For GraphViz is installed you should see something like this