Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to install SDR# SDRsharp on Windows

How to install SDR# SDRsharp on Windows


Please note you need the Zadig driver for the RTL dongle to work.

Goto this url to download the SDRSharp application by selecting the
SDR Software Package  http://airspy.com/download/ 
If you want to install the the RTL USB Zadig driver here is the link http://rtlsdr.org/softwarewindows

I also have added a google drive link with driver and SDR# software https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5zipGz4ccuASC1Cd0RQMGx6Qm8

Please note you will need internet access when installing the SDR# software as it install the dependency files itself.

Select the SDR# RTLSDR Plugin to download.

Browse the directory where you have downloaded the sdrsharp-x86.zip file and unzip the file.

Unzip the file SDR-install.zip

You should have new directory next to the sdrsharp-x86.zip file called sdrsharp-x86.
Browse inside the directory sdrsharp-x86 and tun the bat file install-rtlsdr.bat
(see screenshot below)

Black DOS console. (you need internet connection during this bat instillation as more files get download during this procedure)

Install.bat console installing application
The console will close when its complete.
There should be a new directory called sdrsharp.

If you use the latest SDRSarp the procedure is a bit different see screenshot below.
Run the Install-rtlsdr.bat to install the drivers.

Goto this directory and run the application called SDRSharp.exe (double clicking on it)

goto sdrsahap directory and run SDRSharp.exe

The SDRSharp application should be started.
Depending on how you connect to the RTL dongle you should select the correct option in the "Other sound card" pull down menu next to the play button.
There should be two options.
1)RTL-SDR/USB (This option is if you have the USB driver installed and the rtl dongle is connected directly on to PC or laptop port) zadig usb driver http://rtlsdr.org/softwarewindows
2)RTL-SDR/TCP (This option is when you want to connect to a remote RTL_TCP server and you then need to enter the server IP and Port) default is the same server

If all went well you can now hit the Play button and you should here sound.
Mite have to set the volume in you sound mixer properties.

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