Monday, April 7, 2014

WREN The small 5X5X5cm Cube Satellite. (PocketQube)

WREN The small 5X5X5cm Cube Satellite.

The tiny PocketQube satellite WREN is just 5x5x5 cm yet is equipped with a camera for Slow Scan TV (SSTV) using the Martin-1 format, a gyro, a magnetic field sensor, momentum wheels and pulsed plasma microthrusters. The camera has an image processing system which can find the position of the Sun and the Earth automatically.
WREN Beacon on webSDR (

1) Beacons on 437.405 MHz (+/- 10 kHz Doppler shift)
Satellite sends 1.6 seconds in AFSK. Then it waits for 6 minutes for a signal.
It waits for a silent FM signal and Morse-like code. (So just keying the mike by hand will do.)
1 = long    0 = short
110011 = Activate (Wait for answers within 2 seconds)11111 = Camera on110 = Snapshot/Thumbnail (make image with 12x14 Pixels)110100 = SSTV send in Mode  Martin-1 with 320x240 PixelsNo, there is no self destruct code. 
The Telemetry Decoder and an Audio File of the beacon are available at

WREN Decoder/Commander App Download

More details is available at