Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How to program and configure the Zastone D900 DMR radio.

How to program and configure the Zastone D900 DMR radio. (mototrbo)

Zastone D900 DMR (mototrbo)
Please not the programing cable is different to generic programing cables but microphone connections is the same as generic Microphones.

First Download the following application from TYT web
Download MD-380
Go into unrared directory "MD-380 software\Firmware 2.30 and new programming siftware"
This file is also available here but could be old if

Then untarrar  MD-380(Tytera).rar
The directory then should look like this
UNRAR "MD-380(Tytera).rar"
After the unrar then run the MD-380(Tytera).exe

Continio installation using default settings.
After installation is complete there should be a Tytera MD-380

Run Application Tytera MD-380 in start menu
You should then see the following default screen.
Default Configuration screen
Now download the codeplug for South Africa Repeaters from Here
Now load the code plug "Zastone_D900_Code_plug_v1_30_may_2018.rdt"

Load "Zastone_D900_Code_plug_v1_30_may_2018.rdt"
Now edit the DMR radio configuration as required.
Pres green button to download from Radio Red to load to Radio and Blou to save your configeration

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