Monday, February 17, 2014

Installing Zadig USB driver for RTL_dongle on windows 7

Installing Zadig USB driver for RTL_dongle on windows 7

Download the Zadig USB driver file from
If you don't have 7zip unzip program also download it from
Here is where I install the 7Zip program

Here is where I use the 7zip program to unzip Zadig file that I have downloaded.

Unzip die the zadig_v2.0.1.160 (1).7z file and you should be left with the following file Zadig.exe
Plugin your RTL USB dongle.

I then Ran the Zadig.exe program

Select the Option menu and then all Devices.

Then select the Buil-in Interface (interface 0) and then replace driver or install driver

You will the get a warning  select the Install driver software anyway.

You should see a dialog box saying the driver was installed successfully,

Then unplug the USB RTL dongle wait for 5 seconds and reconnect the dongle.

Download the ExtIO_RTL.dll and copy it to the sdrSharp directory. ( I think the new SDRSharp version comes with the DLL)

If you haven't installed the sdrSharp program before follow my instructions here in how to do that.

If you have installed the SDRSharp software before then just select the RTL-SDR/USB in the option menu and you then  select start.
if all went well the SDR# should work now. ;-) "Have fun"

Here is the video of the SDR# connecting to RTL_TCP on Raspberry Pi.

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