Thursday, June 11, 2015

Decoding DMR (mototurbo) from webSDR using DSDPlus 1.7 and VB-cables on Windows 7

Decoding DMR (mototurbo) from webSDR using DSDPlus 1.7 and VB-cables on Windows 7

Screenshot of working DMR
1) Install VB-cable from
3) Create a start_dsdplus.bat in the directory where you unziped the zip file.
4) For now enter the following in the bat file DSDPlus.EXE -i1 -o2 -fr
5) Set the playback device as follows making the VB-Cable the default device and Speaker just ready.

6) Set the recording settings as follows.

7) In the Recording tab set the VB-Cable as default device and Stereo Mix ready

8) Set the sound levels as follows.
VB-Cable level about 10% and Speaker level.

9) Volume settings
Volume Settings.
10) Now run the start_dsdplus.bat file that you created in step 3 and check that the numbers correspond to the red in the pictures below.
 i = Audio input to DSDPlus and o = Audio Output from DSDPlus
10.1) Input to DSPPlus must be from VB-Cable and not any other device (Stereo mixer in my case).
10.2) Output must go to Speakers in my case to 2.
10.3) Your Audio input and output configuration should be different to the one I have.
10.4) You will then need to change it in the start_dsdplus.bat file and then re run start_dsdplus.bat file. and refresh websdr website (CTRL F5)
Then re-tune websdr DMR frequency to 438.225Mhz FM
11) If your Audio Input and Output configuration is correct you will have to just set your audio levels coming from webSDR and going to speaker.

DSDPlus command shell details

12) Then go to my WEBsdr in your Chrome or Firefox  browser

Select 70cm_dmr band and tune frequency to 438210.88 Fm
13) There is small burst of data with now sound wait for the long bursts of data witch is normally conversation. I think the small burst is just data and you will not hear anything.
(Sound level to DSDPlus input should not be to strong)

Hope this help.

I will add some videos tomorrow.

Video 1

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