Thursday, November 16, 2017

HF Noise monitoring system running from Live Ubuntu Memory stick with fully configured environment.

HF Noise monitoring system running from Live Ubuntu USB flash drive.

Ubuntu Live Noise Monitoring system with Persistence. 16Gb
I wanted a Preconfigured RF Noise monitoring system that I can run on my Laptop when ever I am not using it for something else.
I made this Ubuntu 16.04 Live memory stick .

This dongle is available from my Shop at

So how dose it work?
Configure your BIOS to boot from USB flash drive and you should then see the following screens.

Just pres enter to continue
If you see the error above just pres Enter  You should then get a screen where you can select how you want to boot your environment Persistent or not.
Select  the Persistent live boot.
Select the Persistent live option.
You could then see a screen for a few seconds looking like this.
Black screen before startup
This picture is of Ubunto 17.10 The Noise system is on Ubuntu 16.04
Here is some of the sunscreens of some of the functionality

HF Heat map
 Noise Graphs  (link to a live system)

Here is a link to a brochure on the RF Noise Monitoring system

Master Data correlation server

Master Correlation Server.

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