Friday, August 17, 2012

Gnuradio with RTL2832U dongle

I got my RTL2832U dongle working with the Gnuradio SDR development environment on Ubuntu Linux.
Here is the block diagram for a FM receiver.You can by your dongle here
 RTL2832U dongle 

FM Receiver Gnuradio block using  RTL2832U dongle.

Application details of the above block.

  1. Here is the Gnu radio block file for the FM Receiver above. (Save and Rename to fmRadio.grc)
  2. Here is the compiled python FM Receiver file for the above.
  3. Here is a link to info on the hardware RTL2832U USB dongle.
  4. Here is a link to BorIP server config for Linux.
  5. You Tube help on Gnu Radio and Gnu Radio2
  6. Shop where you can get your  RTL2832U 

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