Monday, February 6, 2012

Satellite News

Cubesats Deployed From Vandenberg Atlas V Launch

The Atlas V NROL-36 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Cali- fornia, originally planned for August, successfully launched on 13 September at 2139 UTC.

This launch carried a satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office. Also aboard this flight at four cubesats as part of ELaNa IV mission and seven cubesats for government missions.

Several hours after launch Justin Foley, KI6EPH, announced via the #Cubesat IRC Channel that all eight P-PODS had successfully deployed.

The ELaNa Cubesats aboard are:
+ CINEMA (Cubesat for Ion, Neutral, Electron, Magnetic fields)
   o Downlinks for engineering telemetry and command are in the 2400-2450 MHz range; Science telemetry is in 2200-2300 MHz range.

+ CSSWE (Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment)
   o Downlink 437.345 MHz, 9k6 with AX25

+ CP5 (PolySat)
   o Downlink 437.405 MHz at 1 watt, AFSK on LSB AX.25 over NRZI at 1200 baud, every 2 minutes, begins 3.5 hours after first turn-on.

+ CXBN (Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosatellite)
   o Downlink 437.525 MHz, GFSK, AX.25
A detailed article of the launch can be found on-line at:

CubeSat Deployment From ISS Set for September 27

Five cubesats launched on July 21 and now aboard the ISS have been integrated with the J-SSOD small satellite deployer on the the Jap-anese Experiment Module, also known as Kibo. They will be deployed with the Kibo robotic arm planned September 27, 2012. First, 15:10-15:20 UTC: WE-WISH, RAIKO by Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide Second, 16:30-16:40 UTC: TechEdSat, NanoRack/F-1, FITSAT-1 by JAXA GS
Satellite Downlink Beacon Mode
FITSAT-1 437.445, 5.84GHz 437.250 FM,CWWE
WISH 437.505 437.505 SSTV,
CWRAIKO 2.2GHz, 13GHz 13GHz 38.4 - 500kbps
TechEdSat 437.465 437.465 -
CWF-1 145.980 437.485 1200bps AFSK,FM,CW
Also, refer to the previous ANS bulletin on this topic at: [ANS thanks Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL for the above information]

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