Monday, February 22, 2016

Geostationary AMSAT Satellite (Phase 4) Spacecraft Covering the whole of Africa and Europe. (P4B)

I think this Satellite will open up one of the most exiting telecommunication capabilities for Africa and Europe.(P4A/B)

Coverage map
Phase 4 AMSAT planed

Qatar Satellite Company’s second satellite, Es’hailSat-2, will be placed in a geostationary orbit by a Space-X Falcon-9 rocket in December 2016. It will carry an AMSAT linear transponder as a secondary payload, giving Radio Amateurs access to a geostationary satellite for the first time.

Es’hailSat-2 will be “parked” 35 786 km above the equator at 25.5°East, nearly due North from Pretoria and Johannesburg (which are at 28°E).

Planned Frequency.

This satellite will have two linear transponders. (250 Khz and 8Mhz wide)
Narrowband transponder:
Uplinks: 2400.050 - 2400.300 MHz modes SSB and CW. 5 Watt uplink power,
Downlinks: 10489.550 - 10489.800 centre 10 489.675 MHz. Vertical polarization.

Wideband transponder:
Uplinks: 2401.500 - 2409.500 MHz
Downlinks: 10491.000 -10499.000 MHz 

It will be so nice to have fixed antennas mounted on mast pointing to the satellite having continuous communication to any where in Africa and Europe. HI ;-) ;-)

Will have to start looking for some equipment and antennas for this one.

Here is a list of Equipment that should work for the P4A satellite.

X-Band 10 GHz Downlink:

HailSat-2 Downlink configuration.

  • 89 cm dishes in rainy areas at EOC like Brazil or Thailand.
  • 60 cm around coverage peak,
  • 75 cm dishes at peak -2dB.
Narow Band : linear vertical polarisation.
  • Wide Band: linear horizontal polarisation.

S-Band 2.4 GHz Narrow Band-Uplink:

  • Narrow band modes like SSB, CW
  • 5W nominal Uplink power (22.5 dBi antenna gain, 75cm dish)
  • RHCP polarisation

S-Band 2.4 GHz Wide Band-Uplink (DATV):

  • Wide band modes, DVB-S2
  • Peak EIRP of 53 dBW (2.4m dish and 100W) required
  • RHCP polarisation

Azimuth and Elevation details for Johannesburg South Africa.

Azimuth and Elevation from Johannesburg

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