Friday, March 7, 2014

What a satellite frenzy

What a satellite frenzy.

Satellite prediction software Gpredict

Not more that a year ago you would not have seen anything like this. Its satellite heaven.

I was looking at the Gpredict screen this morning and could not believe what was happening.

There was 5 Amateur Satellites (ZACUBE-1, FUNCUBE, EAGLE2,DELFI-N3XT,CUTE-1.7  ...) above me and I had a quick look at the webSDR and could see multiple beacons all over the screen. Well there is now no excuse not to work satellites. You can pick and chose, Packet store and foreword FM transponders and Linear transponders, some even have cameras on board. What fun!. Some of the Satellites like the FM transponders can be communicated with a simple HF handheld transceiver. ($50 max)

Enjoy the Satellites.

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