Friday, February 10, 2012

Weather satellite reception with Funcube and WXtoImg (ubuntu)

Weather satellite reception with Funcube and WXtoImg (Ubuntu)

I am using QUISK,QTHID and xwxtoimg on my Ubuntu to receive weather satellite reception.

Still trying to get the bandwidth bigger in fun-cube but here's the details so far.

I am using a mobile 2M 1/4 wave mag mount on roof for reception Antenna.

1) Start QTHID
2.1) Change the frequency to one of the following.
2.2) Polar orbiting satellites TX freq 137.10 137.40 137.50 137.62 or 137.9125 50ksz or NFM until you receive a satellite. Satellite will pass twice per day
about 12h apart.
3) Start QUISK.
3.1) select FM and click on center of wave.
4)Start WXtoImg.
4.1) Firs time you use WXtoImg set your location it is needed to calculate your satellite time and freq. (wxtoimg -G)
4.1) select file update Keplers.
4.2) Click on Satellite Pass List.
4.3) select freq for next pass on QTHID.
4.4) Select Record and the image and then OK.
4.5) Play with volume control to get best results.
4.6) Band with on fun-cube still to narrow still puzzling out how to make it wider.

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