Monday, July 15, 2013

Why not put your own Satellite in space ?

 for as little as $19.00

  1. Transmitter power is 10mW DSSS transmitted through a dipole. The maximum solar panel power available on the standard device is 100mW. 
  2. Hardware Development Scouts can potentially have as much as 500mW solar power.
  3. The orientation of the device in orbit around the earth should be able to be determined most accurately by use of the magnetometer.
  4.  It might also be possible to work out orientation by using the single pixel sensor as a moon/earth/sun sensor.
  5. They will be doing there best to make the landing site the earth side of the moon.
  6. If you are, or would like to be, a radio amateur, they will show you how to communicate directly with your spacecraft in space when it is nearby using inexpensive UHF and S-band equipment. Communication at (cis-)lunar distances is more expensive (typically requiring 5-24m+ steerable dishes), but available to some clubs and enthusiasts.

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