Sunday, August 14, 2011

Setting Up PSKmail on FT857

Configuration for FT857 and PSKmail on 10.148Mhz on Ubuntu 10.1

1) Set all digital offsets to zero on ft857
2) Set digital mode to LSB on ft857
3) Will add wiring diagram later Everything gets controlled via external port and cat interface from fldigi to ft857.
4) set rigcat config in fldigi to your serial port connected to ft857 back port
(4800 2stop and cat command for PTT)
5) Fldidg should now display the frequency selected on ft857
6) Set mode on fldidgi to PSK500R if you don't see this option in fldigi you have the old fldidgi version then upgrade to latest version.
7) Start the latest version of PSKmail
8) configure frequency and add server details on PSKmail. (10.148 and zs0mee in my case)
9) Listen for beacon of server and then tune your transceiver to middle of waterfall (on fldigi) my radio frequency for 10.148Mhz LSB was set to 10.146.50 for indicated middle of waterfall.(sweet spot)

There is a local PSKmail server monitoring page managed by ZS6RO

Goto PSKmail for more information

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