Monday, August 15, 2011

FUNcube dongle pro SDR

Just received my Funcubedongle Pro (SDR) and cant wait to get started.

As I am a Ubuntu (Linux) user only, it seems I need to compile the exe with QT Creator.

Will let you now how it went.

Got it working on Ubuntu
1) Had to upgrade dongle firmware to 18f on Windows :(
1.1) Then download Qthid for linux.
2) Screen-shot above of Qthid and Quisk applications.

3) Installation detail for Quisk.
3.1) Copy FCD configuration file from to your home dir EG /home/anton/

3.2) Download the Quisk application from (quisk-3.4.4.tar.gz tar -xvf and then run you need python)
4) You will need pigtail cable assembly (SMA Mail to N Mail) and you can get it from
(Nm to SMA(M)RP LMR195 Pigtail [1 Metre]R79.00)

I have now installed a general coverage antenna on top of my roof.

The Comet DS-150S discone antenna will provide reception from 25 MHz to 1,5 GHz and is suitable for transmitting.

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