Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Botswana DX expedition

I am planning to go to Botswana from 25 April to 2 Mei and planning to do some DX from there.
I will try and operate on the following frequencies and times.(FT857D) (call sign A25-ZR6AIC)
  1. During the day I will be mobile with vertical on 20m.(On my Hilux)
  2. At night at 20:00 (SA time GMT + 2) I will be operating on PSK and PSKmail 10.148Mhz (Dipole). I will try and send APRS details via PSKmail so you could see my position.
  3. At about 20:30 I will be listening on 40m 7.07Mhz (Dipole)
  4. If PSKmail works you will be able to mail me in Botswana on zr6aic[AT]
If I have Internet I will update this post.;postID=1489050289151511270
(Just waiting for final Approval from Botswana)
Got Approval from Botswana and everything is good, tested my 20M dipole last night and made some small adjustments. 
All went well and I did some contacts in the evening on 20M but had a problem with my audio cable and could not do any digital modes (psk, PSKmail).

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